Sizemore Brass Studio Policies

    1. Students may enroll online or by phone.  Enrollment will reserve a space in the Sizemore Brass Studio.  Every effort
    will be made to schedule lessons at a mutually agreeable time.  Tuition is paid monthly and is due at the first lesson
    each month.

    2. There will be no refund or reduction in tuition for missed or cancelled lessons.  Excused missed lessons will
    be rescheduled.  Excused lessons are for emergencies or if no less than forty eight hours notice is given.  Students
    will be charged for all unexcused missed lessons.  Do not assume that the teacher will know of any conflicts with
    any band or school sponsored event.  If you know that you are going to miss a lesson, give the teacher as much notice
    as possible.  This will allow another student to be scheduled.   

    3. Consistency in lessons is a very important part of any private lesson program.  Teachers and students shall make
    every possible effort to schedule four lessons in every month.   Any lessons missed due to the teacher’s schedule
    should be made up during the same month as the originally scheduled lessons. An appropriate adjustment in the
    following month’s tuition shall be made for any lessons missed by the teacher and not rescheduled.  

    5.  All lessons, including make-up lessons, shall be scheduled at the mutual convenience of teachers and students.

    6.  Lessons will be taught as scheduled on teacher - in - service days and school holidays unless rescheduled in
    accordance with the studio policies.  There will be no lessons on days that school is cancelled or dismissed early due
    to inclement weather except by mutual agreement of teacher and student.  

    7. The Sizemore Brass Studio is a twelve month program.  Summer schedules may be adjusted to accommodate the
    teacher or student.  Students taking at least four lessons during June and July will not lose their spot and will not need
    to re enroll.  Students not taking at least four lessons in June and July will need to enroll in the fall and will be assigned
    a time based on availability.

Sizemore Brass Studio Policies