Private Lesson Program

John Sizemore
455 Bernice Snow Rd.
Greer, SC 29651
Cell 864-906-1922        E Mail

    The Sizemore Brass Studio offers students an opportunity to study privately with a nationally recognized professional
    musician and teacher.  

    Many of our students have started lessons their first year of band and continued lessons until graduation. Many alumni
    have received music scholarships to major university music departments and music conservatories.  Our alumni are now
    teaching at universities, high schools, and middle schools, as well as playing professionally.

    Playing habits are formed very quickly, and individual guidance in the beginning weeks can avoid incorrect playing habits.  
    We believe very strongly that the earlier private lessons, with a professional teacher, are started the better.  

    Private lessons are an investment in your student’s future.  The skills learned studying music relate to everything in life.  
    The self-discipline required to learn new musical skills, and the knowledge that no one else can do it for you, are lessons
    that no other activity can teach as well.