Arnold Jacobs

    Arnold Jacobs, (1915-1998), was John Sizemore’s mentor, close friend, role model, and spiritual leader.  He always set the
    highest possible standard as a performer, teacher, and as a human being.  

    “He was a world class musician.  He is also the most influential brass teacher of the second half of the twentieth century.  
    Countless musicians from all over the world travelled to Chicago to study with this master.  Additionally, Mr. Jacobs gave
    master classes that were in demand from students, teachers and professionals from the entire globe.  It would be impossible
    to reduce to writing all of the advice Arnold Jacobs gave to thousands of students over a period of almost 70 years.”  1

    1 Also Sprach Arnold Jacobs                        Bruce Nelson

    Brian Frederiksen, long time assistant to Mr. Jacobs, has devoted his life to sharing with the world the incredible
    wealth of knowledge that Arnold Jacobs left with us.  For more information on Arnold Jacobs, or to order any of
    the below, please visit his website.


Arnold Jacobs and John Sizemore in January of 1998